Must call for a tee time!

     From October-March
     Monday-Thursday: 10am-11pm
     Friday-Sunday: 9am-1am

      Winter, spring, summer or fall you
schedule a tee time.
      Please call 614.846.9222

      $20: 9 Holes
      $35: 18 Holes
      $30: Driving Range 1 Hour
      Leagues: Prices vary based upon leagues 
      length of time


We're not a putt-putt facility and you're not going
  to smack a ball into the side of a dome. Virtual golf takes place indoors, where
  you use your own clubs to hit a golf ball into a simulator that projects one of
  22 different PGA courses. The course of your choice is projected onto a screen.
  Sensors measure the speed, loft, and distance of each shot. Teed Up's realistic
  simulators are highly accurate, so if you're not good outside, you aren't going
  to be good inside. Don't worry, we are friendly with four-letter words and we
  have a wide selection of beers.

Starting September 29, golf leagues are available for men, women
   and juniors. Please call 614.846.9222 to sign up!